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Rob Gronkowski Post-Super Bowl Dance Videos Begin To Surface

Yesterday we published photos of Rob Gronkowski and Matt Light mourning their Super Bowl loss by dancing shirtless onstage to LMFAO at the Patriots post-game party. Today brings video, supposedly, of Gronkowski warming up his gimpy ankle before taking the stage with LMFAO. It comes to us from Barstool Sports.


Unsurprisingly, a man approached us yesterday with a Gronkowski dance video for sale:

I have a very up close video of Rob Gronkowski dancing on stage at 3am after they lost the super bowl with LMFAO, shirtless, grinding with girls, shaking his ass, and being an overall idiot. Please let me know if you are interested in seeing this. I have already sent to TMZ about 2 minutes ago and am waiting to hear if they are interested.

We offered him $49.67, plus a copy of the Grantland Quarterly. We never heard back. I suspect the above video is a different one, as Gronkowski does not appear on stage and is not yet shirtless. But there must be a ton of videos out there. You can see plenty of people holding up their phones to record the scene. Which means we'd now offer $24.29 and TWO Grantland Quarterlies for dance footage.