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Robert Flores To Nick Young: There's A 70% Chance You'll Miss

After Robert Flores ethered his girlfriend Iggy Azalea on SportsCenter, Nick Young should've just logged off. Instead, he went after Flores on Twitter, and even threatened—insofar as a Twitter-delivered threat from an NBA player to an ESPN personality can be considered a threat—to fight Flores.


Flores went on the Sedano and Stink radio show tonight and mostly tried to downplay the "beef," explaining that it was simply a low-hanging joke that was "all in good fun," and that the two are obviously not going to fight. But in the four minutes of audio that you can listen to above, Flores did manage to get a couple of good jabs in, like when he was asked what would happen if Young went after his wife:

Q: So if Swaggy makes fun of your girl, how is that going down?

Flores: Well, I don't think Swaggy wants to me making fun of my wife. She will put the paws on him. She's from down south, and those southern gals are not to be messed with, take it from me.


And later, near the end of the segment:

If you look at his numbers, there is a 70% chance that—if he takes a shot at me—he's going to miss. I'm just looking at the numbers, so I'm good.

Nick Young is shooting 36.6% on the season, 268th out of 282 players that have attempted more than 200 shots.

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