Robert Kraft Takes Stand In Aaron Hernandez Trial, Explains His "Work"

An under-the-weather Bob Kraft was called as a witness in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial this morning, and he had some trouble explaining to the prosecutor exactly what it is he does for the Patriots.

PROSECUTOR: Sir, do you work?

KRAFT: [Shit-ass grin and nod] I think so, yes.

PROSECUTOR: Where do you work?

KRAFT: I work at One Patriot Place.

PROSECUTOR: OK, and what do you do for work, sir?

KRAFT: [Loooooong pause, shifting] Umm, whatever they ask me to do.

Once it was the defense's turn to question Kraft, Hernandez's lawyer asked some baseline questions about Hernandez's start with the team (Kraft apparently forgot when, exactly, Hernandez played for the Patriots, and which university in Florida that Urban Meyer coached), before getting to this:

Bill Belichick is on the witness list. God willing, we'll get him on the stand before this is over.