Like you, we are aware of the upcoming robot apocalypse. Our human emotion is our primary weakness and will lead to our ultimate downfall.

First, they take over camel racing. Before you know it, your toaster shall enslave you.

Although many Arab States continue to use kids for camel racing, a few have phased them out for - wait for it - small whipping robots. Although it took a few years to get the robots right, since initially many fell off the camels, or, I shit you not, MELTED, they've recently been perfected to whip away at will. The robot even includes a speaker so verbal commands can be given to the camel. Thank you technology. The robot jockeys are also dressed up to look like miniature people.

Then they will umpire our baseball games. Then they will procure our women. And then the centuries of human dominance will be in the past, with only robots and otters running the planet.


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