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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Roddy White Finally Made Good On That Twitter Bet

Illustration for article titled Roddy White Finally Made Good On That Twitter Bet

Back in March, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White got on Twitter and made a foolish bet with a guy named Brian Hoyt on the Duke-Mercer game. White told Hoyt that he'd give him Falcons season tickets if Mercer beat Duke. Of course, Mercer went on to win. Oops.


Immediately after the game, White came under plenty of fire from people on Twitter who wanted to see him make good on his bet. We haven't heard much since then, though, and everyone just kind of assumed that nothing was going to come of it. But it turns out that White really did make good, and then some. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Mercer won. White paid off … only after endless prodding by people on Twitter (go figure). Actually, he far exceeded on his promise, giving 20-year-old Dylan Hoyt two Falcons season tickets, two Super Bowl tickets, sideline passes to a home game and the chance to come to training camp one day as White's guest.


To his credit, Hoyt told the paper that he never really took the bet seriously, but he's got to be feeling pretty good today. That's quite the haul of goodies for an afternoon spent fucking around with athletes on Twitter.


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