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Rodeo Bull Jumps Into Crowd, Gets Kicked Out Of Rodeo

The Canadian National Rodeo Finals were this weekend, and boy were they exciting. There was speculation over who would be crowned Miss Rodeo, the inspiring return of barrel racer Benette Barrington, and the rodeo itself, of course.

However, this year's competition will be remembered primarily as the first time that a bull jumped into the stands. A 3/4ths of a ton bull named Rewind, to be exact, jumped into the crowd after bucking his rider. He injured four people, one of which was taken to a nearby hospital.

Here's a video shot from elsewhere in the crowd.

Aside from the warm, folksy, and all-around Canadian-ness of the video's narrators, the best part of this story is that Rewind has been suspended from the rest of the Finals:

"The bull is finished as far as this rodeo is concerned,"said Dale Leschiutta, president and interim general manager of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.


We can only assume that Mr. Leschiutta is burdened with that interim tag because of a previous bull-in-the-crowd incident, but if he keeps taking a no-nonsense approach to his bulls, the Canadian National Rodeo people would be wise to keep him on board.

Officials suspend wayward rodeo bull [Edmonton Journal; video via @JimmyTraina]

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