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Roger Clemens Discovers YouTube

In case you haven't seen the Roger Clemens steroids denial video, here it is. It's pretty entertaining.

Our immediate observations, mostly of a hopefully amusing nature:

• He has a few weird facial ticks, and stumbles a lot, which is odd, considering the video is edited and could have been re-filmed.


• Thankfully, he doesn't have the streaks in his hair anymore.

• He's appropriately forceful and unequivocal, we think, and it's worth pointing out, like he does, that the Los Angeles Times story from last year about his appearance in the Jason Grimsley document, the one he vehemently denied, turned out to be false after all. He's denying even more fiercely here.

• Our favorite mental image, by far, is of one of Roger's children attempting to teach him how to use YouTube. WRClemens, "age 45," just joined on Saturday, and this is the only video. We're fairly certain this is the first time Clemens has ever heard of YouTube, and he's probably spent the last 48 hours getting caught up on Peanut Butter Jelly Time, the Star Wars kid and all the other Internet memes of the last five years. It's probably been a fun few days.

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