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Roger Clemens Is Ready To Go Home Now

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Roger Clemens walked off the mound for, presumably, the final time last night, because of a balky hamstring ... we suppose. Mostly it looked like a guy finally realizing he had nothing left except for, of course, $22 million.


It's not the first time Clemens has walked off the postseason stage while struggling because of "injury." In fact, it's becoming a downright pattern.

1990 ALCS Game Four. Clemens, already allowing a run in the second inning, allows two more base runners. The second on a walk. With Mike Gallego at the plate, Roger starts swearing at the home plate umpire. He gets ejected (supposedly in a trancelike state). The inherited runners score. Boston gets swept.

1999 ALCS Game Two. Boston fans don't know that General Manager Dan Duquette thought him finished. So when he comes back, he gets the Darryl Strawberry treatment. He gives up five in the first. Lasts 2 and 1/3 innings claiming a bad back. The Yankees lose their only postseason game 13-1.


We know Clemens is a 45-year-old man, and that often makes one, you know, a bit more susceptible to injury. But Clemens does have a habit of taking his ball and going home. He might stay there this time.

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