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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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As you know, we've had a hard time getting ourselves worked up about the Clemens-in-front-of-Congress hype; someone's telling the truth, someone's lying, and what it has to do at all with the steroid "problem" is beyond our comprehension. But hey: It's possible that Roger Clemens' entire reputation will be destroyed on national television today. (Well, C-SPAN3, anyway.) That's probably worth tuning in for.

The session is just starting right now, and you can watch it on C-SPAN3, and we find it hilarious that C-SPAN has more compelling programming on its first two channels. Howard Bryant, who certainly knows his steroid writing, has a great tale of the tape preview of the big showdown.


We were going to live blog it, but the notion of having a job that would require us to live blog something off C-SPAN3 scared us off. Sorry.

Congressional Hearing Just As Much About Mitchell As Clemens [ESPN]
Steroid Hearings [CSPAN3]

(By the way, don't forget the testimony drinking game. And Jayson Stark is doing a great live blog.)

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