Romney Supporter Who Ran Onto The Field Before Last Night's NLDS Game Has History Of Bizarre Behavior

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Cincinnati cops charged Rives Grogan with trespassing and resisting arrest after his stunt last night in which he ran onto the field at Great American Ball Park with a Mitt Romney sign that read "ABORTION IS SIN" on the other side. It turns out this is only one of many such stunts for Grogan, who claims to be a minister from California; he's found himself at the center of several such protests, at least one of which may surprise you. Most recently, he invaded Pat Robertson's "America For Jesus" gathering in Philadelphia last week to deliver his anti-abortion message:

"Obama is bringing sin on the nation. Support Mitt Romney," yelled Rives Grogan of Los Angeles. "Don't be a hypocrite. Who are you going to vote for?"

Grogan, who described himself as an antiabortion protester and pastor of the New Beginnings Christian Church in Los Angeles, held up a plaque with several photos of bloodied images.

Robertson continued his speech, followed by a prayer, but eventually told Grogan to "shut your mouth" because "this is not political."

On June 5th, Grogan invaded the U.S. Senate to shout out anti-abortion messages and praise John McCain, who was speaking at the time about the leaking of classified government documents. Police charged him with disruption of Congress, which in some cases probably ought to be considered heroic rather than criminal.

Here's Grogan in 2009 engaging in another protest in Washington, arguing his protest was protected by the First Amendment. (He was busted again in 2011 for breaking into a press conference on Capitol Hill, and faced assault charges in 2006 in regard to another anti-abortion protest.)

Grogan showed up at a Chick-Fil-A protest earlier this year, though it isn't clear from the pictures whether he's there to argue against the protestors or against Chick-Fil-A. (Given his political leanings, we can probably assume he's not anti-chicken.)

Most bizarrely, though, Grogan has made his appearance at at least one Occupy protest targeting Republicans in Iowa:

"I'm going through a foreclosure. The banks are absolutely corrupt," California resident Rives Grogan, 47, told AFP at the group's headquarters as he put the finishing touches on a sign that read "We Shall Overcome Greed."

Grogan, who described himself as a "pro-life pastor," said his opposition to abortion was shared by few in the movement but "we're all in agreement" that corporations are too powerful.


Not your average Idiot On The Field, by any measure.