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Ron Artest And Palace Beer Thrower Become BFFs

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Ron Artest says he tracked down John Green—the Detroit thug who threw a beer at him, sparking the worstfunnest night in NBA history—not so he could throttle him silly, but so they could team up for exciting adventures!


Artest employed his Twitter army to get a hold of Green's phone number and so Ron-Ron called him up, because why not? Ron says they "vibed" immediately and will probably travel around the country during urban outreach for inner-city kids. Makes sense right? The two of them are planning to bring their act to the Carmichael Dave radio show very soon.

So people are gonna have a chance to see, we're actually gonna come on Dave's show and do a live interview for the world to hear, the first time Ron and John speak. It was a great conversation, all we were talking about was ways to reach out to inner-city kids and even suburban kids ..."


So look for Ron and John's Traveling Cavalcade of Whimsy at your local elementary school soon! It's like if the Capulets and the Montagues put aside their differences and co-hosted "The View" together. With less chair throwing.

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