Ron Artest had a nice moment last night when he went into the stands after a loose ball. It was just like the last time he went into the crowd, only not as hysterically funny.

In the final minute of Houston's series clinching win over Portland, a classic Artest hustle play ended up with him somewhere around Row 15, where appreciative Rockets fans offered him a seat and a beer. (To drink this time!) Then at the post-game press conference, everyone got all misty-eyed and had a nice chuckle over it, because it was oddly reminiscent of that one time when Ron charged into the stands at Detroit and tried to kill a man with his fists.

See, that was funny because it started a riot that destroyed the Indiana Pacers franchise and forever branded Artest as a wild, unbalanced thug who should never be allowed in public without leg irons. More like a laugh riot, am I right?

Artest-Yao press conference [video via]