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Just look at that face. Yes, it's the face of Irina Shayk, super model and Cristiano Ronaldo's long-time girlfriend, but it's also the face of a woman that is FED. UP. with jokes about her man's underwear modeling and waxing regimen.

The event the two were attending was last night's La Liga awards ceremony. Here's a translation of the comedian's jokes:

Ah, Cristiano! Good evening. I have to confess something to you—Irina, good evening. In my entire life, you are the man I've seen in underwear most often. And you're the best man I've ever seen waxed.


Even before the joke about the waxing, Shayk is hitting her with this:

Ronaldo seemed to be loving it in the moment, but I don't even want to think about that car ride home.

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