Rony Seikaly Is No One-Woman Man

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Far be it from us to tell a woman how to live her live, but we just don't see much upside in model Elsa Benitez hanging out with estranged husband (and former hairy NBA center) Rony Seikaly anymore.

From The Miami Herald this morning, which is apparently still covering the Seikaly beat:

[Benitez] filed an ''urgent'' motion requesting ''temporary, exclusive use and occupancy'' of their Miami Beach home and temporary custody of their daughter Mila, 3. Benitez says he has been ''provoking fights,'' sometimes in front of Mila.

"[She] is fearful that [he] will become violent,'' her motion says. And, he goes ''for days'' without coming home or seeing Mila — and has a ''new girlfriend,'' she says. His ''inappropriate behavior'' has made her and Mila's "living situation intolerable.''


And why should this story make you hate yourself? When asked about the motion, Seikaly said it was all "lawyer stuff." That's not the bad part. Here's the bad part: In responding to the "new girlfriend" notion, Seikaly scoffed: "I have lots of girlfriends."

Rony Seikaly, ladies and gentlemen. Rony Seikaly.

Former Heat Center On Divorce Defensive [Miami Herald]

(UPDATE: A reader points out that Seikaly says "girl friends" rather than "girlfriends," if you think that matters.)