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Rookie Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor Lost His Shit Because He Didn't Know The Rules

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Despite an encouraging second-half comeback on Sunday afternoon against the undefeated Bills, the Bengals couldn’t pull out their first win of the 2019 season, losing on the road 21-17 after Andy Dalton threw an interception with 12 seconds to go.

The stress of a weak start to the year already seems to be wearing on new Bengals head coach Zac Taylor—the inferior Cincinnati version of L.A.’s Sean McVay. When Tre’Davious White picked off Taylor’s QB to knock the Bengals down to 0-3, the Bills defender hung out on the ground with his celebrating teammates, then got up with the ball and took it out of the back of his own end zone. The turnover and subsequent showboating had Taylor psychotically screaming at officials to call a safety, to no avail.

In fairness, Taylor is only 36 years old, and reading the entire monolith that is the NFL rulebook takes approximately 40 years. But if he could fast-forward to the relevant sections, he’d see that the play is whistled dead when a runner “declares himself down by falling to the ground, or kneeling, and making no effort to advance.” That clearly applies to White, and although Taylor maybe knew that and was just making a desperation appeal, it’s also equally likely that this man is a hair’s width away from a breakdown.


I’d hate to see this guy when the refs actually blow a call.

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