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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Rookie Rangers Reliever Robbie Ross Reveals Wrong Regalia, Receives Ridicule

Texas rookie hurler Robbie Ross found himself in a bit of trouble last night during the second game of the Rangers' doubleheader against Baltimore after removing his sweatshirt when being called to warm up in the bullpen and realizing he was wearing the wrong jersey.


While Texas wore its standard grey road shirts in the first game of the twin bill, they switched to wearing blue alternates in the second game. (The Rangers' clubhouse manager eventually dispatched the proper jersey to the visitors' bullpen.)

Rookies suffer through enough hazing on road trips—check out lockers full of Justin Bieber backpacks during any camera shot in the clubhouse—but we have a feeling Ross will be levied a heavy fine come kangaroo court time. [Uni-Watch]

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