Rough Hit Destroys Belgian Soccer Player's Lower Leg

Speaking of horrible below-the-knee shots, our squeamish readers should avert their eyes from Axel Witsel's challenge on Marcin Wasilewski. And by "challenge" I mean "dividing his lower leg into two distinct pieces." Take a moment to compose yourself.


All better? Ohsweetmercy, there's the slo-mo replay again! In the annals of blood-curdling sports injuries, this is definitely an all-time classic leg break. Wasilewski, who used to play for Anderlecht in Belgium's first division, will be out ... forever, I assume, and Witsel (who plays for Standard Liège) was sent off to think about what horrors he hath wrought. Even if he hadn't broken any rules, wouldn't you almost have to accept a red card after doing something that awful? For the good of your own soul, man.

Now excuse me while I replay this 50 more times while loudly cursing the gods for their cruelty.

Horror Injury Sidelines Anderlecht Defender Wasilewski []