Rowdy Panda Cubs Are Begging To Become Extinct

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Uh oh, looks like those rambunctious pandas are at it again! Two cubs in Sichuan wouldn’t stop messing with a basket of leaves, and created a huge mess for one zookeeper. This latest incident in a string of boisterous panda behavior prompts a question: Should we really be trying to save pandas?

Fine, ignore the tough decisions, but these animals are really doing everything they can to not continue to live. Pandas have been at best uncooperative, and at worst intentionally undermining, in efforts to take care of them. This is so rude:

Also rude:

These people have work to do, pandas:

Why must you make everything difficult all the time?

Why does the world exert so much effort in order to keep this endangered species going? Is it because of the patches on their faces? Those are admittedly pretty cute. It looks like they have cartoon eyes!


Everything about this animal indicates that humans should expend our resources elsewhere and let the curtain fall on pandas. They have small timeframes to reproduce, they actively sabotage attempts to make them healthy, and they’re extremely impolite. Let nature take its course. There are plenty of videos to revisit on the internet should we ever miss them again.