A fellow masquerading as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin charged some dim bulbs at a Wal-Mart in Indiana for his autograph, then hightailed it through the crowd before a bunch of referees and backstage security could detain him. He then drank a couple beers and gave some people the finger.

A man who claimed to be retired professional wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and charged fans $10 to sign autographs at a Wal-Mart is being sought on identity-theft and fraud charges, police said.

Managers at the store in Greensburg became suspicious during the autograph session last weekend and called police.

"After it had started, they suspected it to not be on the up and up," Police Chief Brian Heaton said.

The fake Big Boss Man is on the case. If captured, he'll be subject to the fake Mountie's fake shock stick and the fake Repo Man will take all his stuff.

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