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Ruminations On Scott Van Pelt

So we've been receiving a little bit of blowback after our rather inexplicable appearance on ESPN Radio with Scott Van Pelt on Friday. Mainly, we think people wanted us to have some sort of Jon Stewart on "Crossfire" moment; during our brief appearance on the airwaves, we should have, apparently, gone off on some sort of "Stop Hurting America" rant, speaking truth to power, all that. We understand the criticism.

That said, we're not sure sports radio is the best place to have some sort of Socratic debate about ESPN's slow destruction of the sports landscape. We had a quick, fleeting moment inside the Leader's castle, and felt the best way for us to spend that moment would be to use our signature brand of "satire," which is to say, we made some jokes while talking very, very fast. That's what we do. We prefer our revolutions to be quiet, stealth, ideally while wearing a funny hat.


If you're looking for longform, considered, sober discussions of what's wrong with ESPN, you can either start pre-ordering books or check out Sports By Brooks' detailed dissertation. Or, you know, just read the site everyday. It's a lot easier than trying to fit in an entire treatise in a three-minute radio sound bite.

No matter what, we think our days on ESPN Radio are probably over. Thankfully.

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