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Illustration for article titled Runaway Golf Cart At Pebble Beach Crashes Into Crowd, Hospitalizes Two U.S. Open Spectators
Photo: Ross Kinnaird (Getty Images)

A group of spectators close to the 16th hole of Pebble Beach Golf Links were treated to a scary surprise on Friday when a runaway golf cart made its way straight into them. The vehicle became sentient when a box it was carrying fell from a stack in the back and landed directly on the accelerator shortly after a vendor had parked it by a concession stand.


The only video circulating of the incident is a four-second clip that shows the driverless cart heading towards the spectators and appearing to make contact with someone trying take the vehicle head-on.


Witnesses corroborated the heroics of that guy and others, mentioning that once it became clear the cart posed a danger to people in the area, spectators tried to do what they could to prevent any more damage from occurring. Some had more success than others, according to people who spoke to

“This one guy was trying to chase it and was diving after it trying to stop it, I think he was just a spectator. And he got injured diving after it, he was sitting on the ground for a while afterwards, not moving.

“Finally a guy jumped on it and turned the wheel really hard and then pushed the box off — it was crazy.”

Five people in total were injured. One person had a broken arm, one had a spinal injury and the rest had a variety of minor injuries. The victims’ ages ranged from 25 to 82, according to the California Highway Police.

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