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Running Back For Popular NFL Team Apologizes For Bin Laden-Related Tweets

So much ado about nothing. Tashard Choice bowed to public pressure and apologized for tweeting that he was upset with CNBC for not airing To Catch a Predator on Sunday night at 10 p.m., as promised.

Wait, what could you possibly have thought we were talking about?

Choice wrote, "My bad my tweet people osama bin laden being dead is better news. Micheal jackson #makethisworldabetterplace." He clarified the situation again today.


He will never apologize for his TCAP love, though. He tweeted, at Chris Hansen, "I just wanna say u are the best damn reporter I ever seen. I love how ask questions and you work. Hope you are a cowboy fan."

Cowboys' RB Tashard Choice apologized for badly timed Twitter post [Dallas Morning News]

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