Rutgers Basketball Is Frying Up A "Steak Of Turmoil"

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Former Scarlet Knight J.R. Inman played three years for Rutgers coach Fred Hill, but recently published a long Facebook diatribe where he advocated a strong pro-"punching Fred Hill in the face" stance. Why so much hate?

The rant, which is quite long and very [sic'd], has been re-posted on several basketball message boards and reveals Fred Hill's many crimes against J.R. Inman. He was yelled at, lied to, benched, and otherwise disrespected and there is an implication the coach ruined his NBA chances, such as they were. Read the whole thing if you can, but I think this line pretty much sums it up:

"If I was 30 years older, 10 inches shorter and a fag, I would go to the rac right now and punch Fred Right in his face."


Inman later amended his comments, without really apologizing for them, but with so many colleges having an itchy trigger finger lately who knows what could come of this? Inman—who was suspended as a junior for marijuana use, relegated to the bench for most of his senior season, and now has his very own "apartment with a balcany" in Japan—does not accuse Hill of any physical abuse, despite many claims of him being an "asswhole." You'd have to be the kind of person who gets very agitated about Rutgers basketball to demand any sort vengeance here, but it's hard not to sympathize with Inman when the man composes poetry like this:

"It took 3 years for Fred Hill to cook his steak of turmoil but the check for the dinner is coming due."


Mmmm. Pass the horseradish.

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