Ryan Howard Drives In Two On Check Swing

Someone should probably check on Colby Lewis to make sure his skull is still intact and tiny pieces of his brain are not scattered all over the place. With the bases loaded and a full count in the top of the fourth inning against the Giants, Ryan Howard drove in two runs with an excuse-me swing that punched the ball into no-man's land in shallow left field.


Michael Morse was shaded more to the gap in left-center field with the lefty Howard up and had no chance to make a play. He could only watch as Grady Sizemore and Jimmy Rollins scored for Philly.

The bloop gave Philly a 4-3 lead over the Giants, but they coughed it right back up in the next inning when Adam Duvall hit a two-run home run off Cliff Lee, who was making his first start since straining his elbow in May. San Francisco now leads 7-4 in the ninth inning.