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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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"That was Anthony Kim on the seventh hole today. He'd hit his tee shot right up to the outside lip of a fairway bunker, and the ball sat on an ugly downhill lie 160 yards from the pin. Kim walked up, realized the ball would be about waist-high if he stood in the trap, and just shook his head. He looked at the gallery and — no fooling — started surveying the gallery for ideas. "What would you do?" he asked three dudes holding beer cups. "Man up!" one hollered, and Kim smiled." [Devil Ball Golf] I guess the Mariners are serious about hiring Kim Ng for their GM. Too bad she can't pitch [Walkoff Walk] Paul Lukas on the Georgia 'blackout' last night: "You see, I thought Georgia was hosting a football game and nobody showed up. Then I looked closer at the opposite side of the stadium. 'Wait,' I thought, 'those are people. Looks like they’re wearing black. Huh.' Turns out, holding a 'blackout' carries all the intimidation of empty seats. And then you get your ass kicked." Sounds about right. [Uni Watch] Remember that awesome [and legal] hit Warren Sapp put on Chad Clifton in 2002? Warren doesn't. [Pro Football Talk] FOX doesn't care about playoff baseball. That's significant since they, you know, actually carry the games. [Awful Announcing] Oh, and Mattingly was pretty pissed that the Yankees didn't acknowledge Joe Torre when they closed Yankee Stadium. What did Torre ever do for that franchise? I mean, besides make them relevant in the last 10 years? [FanNation] Keep your tips coming to me and Enrico today. Thanks!


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