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Sabres Fans Tortured With Rebecca Black's "Friday"

If you haven't seen and laughed at this video yet, I don't think we can be Internet friends anymore. But a meme does not an arena anthem make; that's why it was so curious when our Buffalo correspondent texted to let us know that during last night's game against Carolina, the Sabres played "Friday" during a break in the action.

Here's your answer, via Reddit.

The Sabres allow fans on Twitter to nominate and vote for the songs to be played at HSBC Arena. Some clever fans managed to stuff the ballot box and get Rebecca Black on there. It was out of place and a little silly, yes, but I suppose it beats Kernkraft 400 for the billionth time.


(And if you think this is just a tenuous sports angle to give us an excuse to post this video, you might not be too far off.)


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