Yesterday's meet-the-newest-Jet press conference with Brett Favre gave the 38-year-old quarterback some glimpse of the intense scrutiny he'll be under the entire year he dons green and white. But considering he couldn't do anything for the last 32 days without an ESPN reporter following him to the car or popping out of his sock drawer to ask him a question, he can probably handle it. The most obvious takeaway about Favre's press conference to the New York media? He doesn't look like a man who really wants to play for the Jets. Yes, the last 24 hours were an exhaustive whirlwind, but for a guy with (allegedly) an overwhelming hunger to play again he seemed to be reconsidering his decision the entire time he was at the podium yesterday. In fact, he flat-out admitted this wasn't the ideal situation. "I'm a Packer, I'll always be a Packer..." and hinted that his heart would probably be elsewhere (Green Bay, Mississippi, the NFC North...) the entire season. He looked like a man who'd just realized he married the wrong woman. About a 30 minutes ago, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg did the awkward "Welcome to New York!" routine keeping the goodwill and excitement buzzing for another 24 hours. But if I were the Jets, I'd be worried that this might be the high-point of the Favre era and that, just like Brett, they' chasing something that's never going to be there again. Good luck with that. Favre Stresses 4-ward Thinking [NY Post] "I'm Not A Traitor" [Green Bay Press Gazette]