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It looks like all those newspaper layoffs have hit the New York media pretty hard, because every outlet in the city was forced to share the same headline today. And judging by a scan of stories from across the country, whoever wrote it was very busy last night. They had nine years to come up with something and this was all they could think of?


(By the way, as of 8:45 this morning, only Yahoo had adjusted their website. You guys know how the internet works, right? Unfortunately, the Post, Daily News and Newsday headlines are forever emblazoned on today's front page.)

Actually, this is exactly the correct amount of inspiration that yet another Yankee championship should generate. Congrats, Bombers, on a job ... done.

[Thanks to commenter Mickey Sabbath for catching the Yahoo page]


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Thursday. I offer this begrudging tribute to all the Yankee fans who woke up in a drunk tank this morning.


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