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Sadly, We Won't Get Another MSG Trial

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Apparently, the folks over at Madison Square Garden are finally learning a lesson or two: They're settling their sexual harassment lawsuits before they turn into public relations armageddons.

Courtney Prince, the Rangers City Skater who had the suit going against MSG, has settled her case.

The Garden vigorously fought the allegations, rejecting an $800,000 deal proposed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and questioning Prince's mental health in court papers.

Two weeks after the Garden agreed to pay $11.5 million to settle a suit by former Knicks exec Anucha Browne Sanders, arena honchos also bit the bullet in the Prince case.


We can't imagine how bad this case would have been. We mean, Prince is actually an attractive woman; we assume the charges would have been even more salacious. Shame, pity, really.

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