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New Orleans has a rich history of zydeco, blues and jazz. Minnesota has Prince and...I dunno, The Hold Steady. But both fanbases have come out en masse to pay musical tribute to their teams.


The Star Tribune and Times-Picayune have done the yeoman's work of collecting these home-made songs, and while the quality varies widely, the devotion can't be questioned. But who brings the tunes best?

The library of Vikings songs really runs the gamut of genres, from arena ballad, to death metal, to country, to polka rap, to even whiter rap ("Vikes Anthem 2010, Miami Nights Remix").


Extra points go to to the fans for only making 27 percent of the songs about Favre ("No. 4," "Brett Favre Fevre," and "Favreageddon"). And for an inspired death metal tribute to Adrian Peterson. Though seemingly all of the songs begin with that damn Vikings horn.

Best song: Purple Polka Rap
Sample lyric:

Not to try and cause mishap/
Just doing the purple polka rap/
Some folks say it's just a fad/
But this year's team is not too bad

Over at the Saints tribute songs playlist, New Orleans has more than tripled Minnesota's output. But their song titles could stand to be more creative. There's "Who Dat," "Who Dat," "Who Dat (Put Da Hurt On Em)," "Who Dat Boy," "Who Dat Nation," "Who Dat Dream," "Who Dat Saints," and finally, "Who Dat Saints."

There's a ton of the expected brass bands, a heaping helping of dirty south hip-hop, and more than one Saints Christmas song. Minus a few points for a song titled "The Saints Bandwagon." Plus a million points for Aaron Neville — yes, that Aaron Neville — contributing lyrics to "Glory Bound."


Best Song: "Heaven's 'Bout To Make The News"
Sample Lyric:

Turns out we lost that game/
And quite a few after that/
Three and eleven in '67/
Kinda hard to sing about that


So which fanbase comes out on top? When you total up the points, the winner is: no one! Half of you made a song for a team that'll be eliminated on Sunday, and the other half could lose the Super Bowl. Also, lest we forget, all of you made up songs about your football team.

(The Saints songs are better, though.)

UPDATE: And here's Prince's new Vikings song, "Purple and Gold." It's awful. Just awful.


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