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Sal Paolantonio Has Found The Real Victim Of Ballghazi

We still have nine days until the Super Bowl, everyone. Mark Brunell getting upset over the possibility of Tom Brady fibbing is not the nadir of Ballghazi, though that'd be nice. On this morning's Colin Cowherd radio atrocity, Sal Paolantonio remixed a classic hand-wringing angle—Think of the children!—into something fresh: What about those poor Uggs??


In case you were unaware, Tom Brady has a sponsorship deal with Uggs. Paolantonio dips his toe into Darren Rovell's pool and considers the brands' stake in this deflated-ball circus:

Tom Brady crosses over demographics. Hey, he's married to Gisele, and he sells Uggs. Guys don't go into the mall to buy Uggs. Women do. And if you're that Australian boot company, you're saying to Tom Brady, "Hey man, women don't like cheaters." They don't. They don't like liars and cheaters.

Let's embrace the possibility of the universe collapsing on Jan. 31.


H/t to Danny