In the fourth inning in Oakland, with runners on the corners, Mike Moustakas hit a liner to center field that was easily caught by Sam Fuld. Alex Gordon tried tagging up from third to score, but he did not account for Fuld's spinning, full-body throw and was nailed at home. It's almost graceful?

The call was upheld after review and Jon Lester got out of a bit of a jam in his first start with Oakland since being traded by the Red Sox. Oakland then went bananas in the fifth inning, scoring eight runs and lead the Royals 8-1 in the sixth, giving Lester a nice cushion.

But let's get back to that Fuld throw. The transference-of-extra-momentum-by-propelling-your-body-forward throw is one of the underrated plays in baseball. It really looks like it makes a difference.


Yep, almost graceful.