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Our pals at Jalopnik are in the corporate hospitality suite, watching the race, and... instant messenging each other. That's not a sentence I thought I'd ever be typing. Here's a snippet:

Austin: It actually takes a fair amount of attention to figure out what's going on, because we can't hear the PA play-by-play here in the suite
Wert: What about on those fancy yellow headsets ya got on?
Austin: And the TV here isn't the ABC feed so it doesn't have all the information graphics
Wert: ABC's not with us today, Leather.
Austin: Wheldon: "Get fucking lyundke off the track, he's fucking terrible." At leadst I htink it was Wheldon
Austin: Yeah we're with scanners so we can listen in on all the pit-to-car communications
Austin: So the first series of pit stops has occured, or is occurring. That's when they stop for more gas, Ray
Austin: Now stop talking to me, I'm trying to watch.
Wert: Fair enough — they just brought fried biscuits in and I totally wanna get me some of that!

I encourage you to keep checking in with them. Oh, and the quote in the headline refers to a pit row accident, when Sam Hornish attempted to drive his car with the fuel nozzle still stuck in his car. He drove away, it popped out, a crew guy got covered in fuel and jolted away from the car. And Hornish cost himself a few seconds.

Hey, he tried to pull out too soon. It's sometimes hard to judge. Better too soon than too late, I guess. We'll check back in after the race.