San Diego Chargers Assistant Coach Cris Dishman Needs Help Tracking Down Lomas Brown, Doesn't Like Being Called A "Heavy Drinker"

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Cris Dishman is an ex-NFL player, two-time Pro Bowler and current assistant secondary coach for the San Diego Chargers. Cris is upset with former Detroit Lion, and current analyst, Lomas Brown because Brown called Dishman and his wife "heavy drinkers" in a segment of his Dan Le Betard interview that aired Friday. Feeling as though he had nowhere else to turn, apparently, Dishman contacted Deadspin. In his own [sic]'d words:

Hello: my name is Cris Dishman I was trying to contact Los Brown, to my understanding Los said that my wife and I was heavy drinkers. I currently coach with the San Diego Chargers and my wife is a radio on air personality in Houston, Tx. I have never had a DUI or any problems with drinking, second I don't ever remember been in a social setting with Los Brown,where he can make that statement. I played 13yrs two pro bowls - all madden and all- pro.My teams was oilers,redskins,chiefs,and Vikings. I would like Los to call me 650-xxx-xxxx or 858-xxx-xxxx my email address

Cris Dishman

To play devil's advocate for a second, maybe the reason Dishman doesn't remember being in a social setting with Brown is because he blacked out from heavy drinking. We may never know, but that's where you come in. According to Wikipedia, Lomas Brown "is currently an analyst on ESPN First Take, and is a co-host of the segment 'Law Offices of Brooks and Brown.'" Calls to the Law Offices of Brooks and Brown were not returned. If anyone can help facilitate a meeting between Cris Dishman and Lomas Brown, or shed light on these allegations of "heavy drinking" please let us know.