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Here it is, the best thing to come out of Toronto since this picture of Rob Ford drunk. A mall Christmas market Santa traumatizing the very first child on line to meet him.

"He said, ‘Oh, you're wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs tuque, you shouldn't be wearing that, they suck.' At that point, I took my son and told him we should go, Santa isn't being very good today."

Trent said her son was inconsolable and cried all the way home to Mississauga.

Santa was later fired, and the child told that Santa was just "having a bad day," so he's not going to lose his faith. But it'll soon be time to stop shielding this kid from the world. I know his parents want to keep up the illusion, to keep a little bit of magic in his life, but eventually he'll grow too old to believe. He'll be teased at school and mocked by his friends for his naivety, so maybe the time has come to put away childish things. Sooner or later, he's going to have to hear the truth: the Leafs do suck.


[Toronto Sun, via Puck Daddy]

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