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Robert Griffin III ran for a diving touchdown as time expired in the first half against the Giants today. Or at least, it looked like he had. After the play was reviewed, head official Jeff Triplette announced that Griffin had lost possession in the air, and therefore it was ruled a fumble out of the endzone. Then everything went to hell.

First Jay Gruden raced out to yell at Triplette. By the time the camera cut back from replays, Santana Moss was being held back and shouting something at the referee. Then he repeated himself, and Triplette threw two flags and tossed him. Then Pierre Garcon got involved and almost drew another. Officially, the play was scored like this:

(:08) R.Griffin scrambles right end for 8 yards, TOUCHDOWN. The Replay Official challenged the runner broke the plane ruling, and the play was REVERSED. R.Griffin scrambles right end to NYG 1 for 7 yards (J.Pierre-Paul). FUMBLES (J.Pierre-Paul), ball out of bounds in End Zone, Touchback. PENALTY on WAS-S.Moss, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 15 yards, enforced between downs. PENALTY on WAS-S.Moss, Disqualification, 15 yards, enforced between downs. Penalties will be assessed on the 2nd half kickoff.


The penalties stacked, and so to start the third quarter the Giants were kicking from the Washington 35-yard line. They ran a successful onside kick and ended up with a field goal.

Griffin was only in because the Colt McCoy practical joke was put on hiatus when McCoy left with an injury, but this was a decent gesture from teammates with whom Griffin was supposed to be on the outs.

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