Interns; what would we do without them? They make coffee, do grunt work, execute commenters, and eventually become governors of large, beaver-infested states. Young Sarah Heath was an intern at KTUU-TV2 in Anchorage, Alaska in 1987 and '88, video proof of which we showed you on Saturday. She of course grew up to be Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain's running mate/sidekick in the Race to Casa Blanca. One person who knows this well is John Hernandez, who happened to be the sports director at KTUU when Palin-Heath was interning there. He hired her. And he also happens to be a regular Deadspin reader. "The thing I remember most about that video was that it was only about two months after her TV debut," said Hernandez, who now lives in San Diego, where he is in the racehorse consulting business. "She was young and nervous, but she did OK." Hernandez was sports director at the station from 1984 to 1988, when he was ousted by a managing editor who suspected that he was grooming Palin to become the regular sports anchor. (Politics rears its head even then!) Not true, says Hernandez, who says that she was only intended as a weekend fill-in. And besides, the point became moot when she eloped with Todd Palin in August of '88."That kind of surprised me," Hernandez said. "She didn't seem like the kind of girl who would elope. But then, I never saw her display any kind of political bent, either." In fact, Hernandez didn't know that his former intern had become governor until a friend told him two months ago. "I said, 'Do you mean that Sarah Heath is Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska?' " Hernandez recalled. "I was floored. Then last Friday this whole big thing unfolded, and there it was. Pretty intense." Palin's TV debut came about this way: "It was Super Bowl Sunday, 1988," Hernandez said. "The weekend guy wanted to take the day off, and I didn't want to do the sportscast. So I said 'Sarah, you're making your debut.' She was an intern then. She was really nervous but got through it. In Alaska, that kind of a market, you just worked through it. It was still pretty early in her career." Heath did sportscasts on a fill-in basis, mostly on weekends, for six more months, including March 5, 1988, which is the date of the video we showed you. The two banter-challenged co-anchors shown with Heath in the video (misidentified in this earlier post) were Julie Hasquet and Tom Woolston, possibly the two whitest people ever to do television news. Two other reporters who were there with Heath are still at the station; Maria Downey, who is now the assistant news director, and John Carpenter. Palin was 24 when she interned for Hernandez, who remembers her as hard-working and wanting to know everything about sportscasting. "She was a great girl," he said. "Loved the outdoors. I taught her how to write, edit video, put together a sportscast; what interns at a TV station do." After Palin eloped, Hernandez lost touch. "I tried last Friday to get back in touch with her, but as the story got bigger, I knew there was no chance," he said. "I still don't know where the politics came from. She showed no sign of any of that when I knew her." (Ed. note. Yes, we know the photo is a photoshop job. Please stop yelling. )