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Sasha Cohen: Superstar!

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We haven't stopped smiling since we first saw this last night — everyone's darling ice bunny, Sasha Cohen, is apparently even more full of herself than we were led to believe. That is, if the lip-reading ability of one of our readers is on the mark. And why shouldn't it be? Our readers have never been wrong about lip-reading before. Our man writes:

OK, I just saw the replay of Sasha Cohen's short program from last night. Lovely. Amazing really. But has anyone mentioned the comments she made to herself immediately after finishing the routine!? As she broke from her final pose, beaming, and began to skate off the ice, she pumps a fist and seems to shout "Yes!" OK. But then she CLEARLY says to herself "Rockstar!... Yes, that's me!... Yes!" It's riveting.


As much as we realize that Cohen is one of our best hopes for another gold medal, and as talented as she is and all that, all we're picturing right now is Molly Shannon's Saturday Night Live character Mary Katherine Gallagher. Wouldn't it be awesome if, before she takes the ice, Cohen places her hands under her armpits and smells them? And then stumbles into a pile of folding chairs?

Update: We've just learned that Cohen skipped her practice session on Wednesday because she woke up late. Yeah, you know those rock stars ...

Update, from reader Dave: "I can totally corroborate the post about her rockstar ways. NBC showed the full replay of her Tuesday night performance late last night. She absolutely is calling herself a rockstar. I only took notice because a girl in college used to call everyone rockstars and it was dreadfully annoying. Even more so, that headline on the back page of the Post (and the News) yesterday called her "Sassy Sasha" and that picture showed her in her glorious selfish ways.

Update: A reader sends us a link to what apparently is Sasha Cohen's MySpace web site.

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