Saturday NFL recap: Bills Mafia celebrates while Jared is #Gofful

Taiwan Jones and Dion Dawkins celebrate the Bills’ first AFC Championship appearance since 1993.
Taiwan Jones and Dion Dawkins celebrate the Bills’ first AFC Championship appearance since 1993.
Image: Getty Images

The first half of the Divisional Round is done, and I am #shooketh. I thought the Rams might have the recipe to beat the Packers, and I definitely thought the Ravens would roll past the Bills.


I, apparently, am an idiot.

The Packers did Packers things. On their way to beating the Rams 32-18, Aaron Rodgers threw for just shy of 300 yards and two touchdowns, while continuing his ball security mastery with zero interceptions. Aaron Jones ran for 99 yards and a touchdown, 60 of which came on one play. They missed a couple of two-point conversions, but it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter, because Jared Goff is Gofful. Get it? Because he’s awful, and they rhyme. Goff was sacked four times, threw for only 174 yards and one touchdown, and was just… never really close to winning this game.

In the second game of Saturday’s double feature, the Buffalo Bills kicked the bricks off the Baltimore Ravens, which is just… shocking. This isn’t to say that the Bills aren’t a good football team – they definitely are, and came into this game on a seven-game winning streak. The Ravens came in equally as hot, and with their rushing attack, I didn’t think the Bills would be able to pour any cold water on them… but they did.

It was tied 3-3 at the half after future Hall of Fame kicker Justin Tucker uncharacteristically missed two field goals. Buffalo came out swinging and went up by a score in the third quarter. With a chance to tie the game on the Buffalo nine-yard line, Lamar Jackson took a shot at the end zone.

Then, this happened.


101 yards. Picked. Touchdown. It’s tied for the longest interception return in postseason history, and is shockingly the first red zone interception in the career of Lamar Jackson.

The Bills never looked back, and are on their way to the AFC Championship game for the first time since 1993.


Both teams that secured a victory yesterday look like serious threats for a Super Bowl. We can only hope that Sunday will be just as exciting.