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Untied Shoelace Leads To Two Great Displays Of Soccer Sportsmanship

After collecting the ball during a match last week in the Saudi Arabian league last week, Al-Nahda goalkeeper Tisir Al-Antaif found his shoelace undone. With his big Hamburger Helper gloves, he couldn't re-tie it himself. So Al-Ittihad's Brazilian striker Jobson bent down to do it for him.

Twist! The jackass referee blew his whistle and ruled that Al-Antaif had taken too much time clearing the ball. Despite protests from both teams, and the jeers of the crowd, he awarded Al-Ittihad a free kick from the edge of the box.


The score was tied, and but Al-Ittihad didn't want to assume the lead this way. Midfielder Leandro Bonfim took the free kick—and intentionally squibbed it wide of the net.

The match ended in a draw.

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