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Save The Chorizo!

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We can all agree that we give much love to the chorizo, slight discomfort with cheap ethnic pandering aside. The chorizo has taken the country by storm! Considering there isn't that much more to talk about in relation to Milwaukee Brewers baseball right now, you'd think the chorizo would be out there every night.

But nope: The chorizo won't be back at Miller Park until next season. The team joked that it was because he was going to the minors for more "seasoning," but the real reason is that Major League Baseball has to vet all new mascots.

According to Susan Goodenow, an MLB spokesman, baseball wants to be sure that fans tie into new characters or promotions from a marketing and licensing standpoint. She was being nice. She meant to say baseball wants to be sure the Chorizo will make the Brewers, Klement's and anyone else connected with the promotion a lot of money.


That, of course, means no more chorizo until next year. The invasion is only delayed, not avoided.

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