Say Goodnight, Harold

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In a world where a failed general manager can make a perfectly good living on television pretending to be a successful general manager, we supposed there just isn't much room for a failed second baseman.


In a surprise move, ESPN fired baseball analyst Harold Reynolds last night, for reasons that remain undisclosed. Reynolds had been with the network for 11 years and not only appeared regularly on "Baseball Tonight," but also handled College World Series duty, and that's a long time to spend in Omaha.

We're still casting about for the cause of Reynolds' dismissal — if anybody has heard anything, you know where to find us — but we remain a little shocked. It's not that Reynolds was one of the highlights of the network — he was all a little too "Big Papi, yeah!!!!" rah-rah-ish for us, though we generally found him pleasant — but Reynolds never struck us as much of a troublemaker. We're most curious what would cause the network to suddenly drop a guy, overnight, after 11 years. Maybe he refused to do an ESPN Mobile commercial.


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