A pretty outstanding tidbit that was missed in all the madness yesterday: You remember when the Brewers ended up staying at the same hotel as a Furries convention? Well, that happened again this week, in Pittsburgh, and guess what team ended up in the Pittsburgh hotel this time?

The Yankees stayed the Westin in Pittsburgh, which is attached to a convention center. The Yankees checked out today and guess who was checking in? That would be the the furry convention. These are folks who dress up as animals that have human characteristics. The Anthrocon was expected to draw 2,500 people.

Our fervent hope is that some of the Yankees will forward us their cell phone photos. Let’s just pray that Kyle Farnsworth did not bring any firearms on this trip.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. We wonder which Yankee ended up in the room with that "masculine, she-dog" type.

When Worlds Collide [The LoHud Yankees Blog]