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So you know, Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson β€” forever known as Our Hero around here β€” did not get in a fight with his coach Marvin Lewis at halftime of Sunday's loss to the Steelers. Who said he did, you ask?

Why ... it's that blasted Internet! NFL rumor site Pro Football Talk β€” the site is in there somewhere, under the 40 layers of banner ads (none of which are Lane Bryant, by the way) β€” reported a fight yesterday.

[As the] last few minutes of intermission were ticking away, when the players were startled by the sight and sound of a helmet slamming against the glass pane of the training room door. Inside, receiver Chad Johnson and receivers coach Hue Jackson were engaged in an altercation. At one point, Johnson was seen holding Jackson in a headlock. Coach Marvin Lewis entered the training room to intervene, and Johnson (per the source) took a swing at him.

We simply refuse to believe this is true, unless of course this was part of a complicated touchdown dance that the world just wasn't ready for. Perhaps it involved a deer.

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