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Joe Biden knows as well as anyone that just one slipup on the campaign trail can turn the tide of an election. And that may have been what happened in at a stump stop in Tampa, as Biden's gaffe involving the Tampa Bay Rays sent shock waves throughout the state of Florida, and I daresay, the nation. While explaining why Barack Obama was not at the rally, Biden referred to Tampa Bay's team as "The Devil Rays." What? Invoking the Devil in Florida, a hotly-contested swing state? They're just the Rays now, Joe. Say hello to President John McCain! As reported in the St. Petersburg Times:

"You know, Barack wanted to be here today, but after what your Devil Rays did to his Chicago White Sox, it was just too painful for him," Biden quipped. "The man's hurting right now."


Also, no comment about this in the Times article? And you call yourself a newspaper. Biden Stirs Rowdy Crowd in Tampa [St. Petersburg Times]

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