Science! Explains Why The Clock Stopped In The Kings Game

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Everyone agrees that the Staples Center clock stopped in the dwindling seconds, giving the Kings just enough time to score the game-winner over the poor Blue Jackets, who never win anything. What's still a matter of debate is whether the clock was right to do so, possibly adjusting itself to make up for an earlier inaccuracy. At least that's what Kings GM Dean Lombardi said (we think) in an email published by the LA Times.


Professor Lombardi?

"Those clocks are sophisticated instruments that calculate time by measuring electrical charges called coulombs – given the rapidity and volume of electrons that move through the measuring device the calibrator must adjust at certain points which was the delay you see. The delay is just recalibrating for the clock moving too quickly during the 10–10ths of a second before the delay. This insures that the actual playing time during a period is exactly 20 minutes. That is not an opinion -– that is science -– amazing device quite frankly."


Coulombs. Also, shut up Columbus, don't you want the first overall pick? But mostly coulombs.

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