Hey look, everyone! There's former Celtics superstar(?) and current free agent Scot Pollard showing off his championship ring the only way he knows how: by making sure his other useless fingers are out of the way and huddled inside his fist, allowing him to raise his important middle finger loud and proud to the camera. Evidently, this is Pollard's new "thing". The best-slash-worst part of the photo is the fact that pretty much every personality type in Boston is represented here. It's like the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, but worse. There's the angry old man who should probably be hanging out with people his own age. And there's the young shaved-head party guy. And the late-30s red-faced party guy. The tattooed party guy. The quasi-hipster party guy. The blond party girl. The brunette party girl. The other blond party girl. They're all here. Every texture and flavor of the Boston area is covered in full. And all the while, there's drug-promoter and all-around goofball Pollard, the Steven St. Croix of the NBA if you will, watching over the proceedings like the King of Douche Court. Somebody sign this guy already.