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Scott Hall On Pic With Benoit And Undertaker: "Me, Dead Man And Taker"

Scott Hall tweeted this "1986-ish" picture of himself, his enormous mustache, Chris Benoit, and the Undertaker with the caption "Me, Dead Man and Taker." Although "Dead Man," or "Deadman," is the name for Mark Calaway's original Undertaker/mortician gimmick, he's already referenced as "Taker," so we can safely assume "Dead Man" is in reference to Chris Benoit, who is dead.


Hall took some heat from his followers for the morbid play on words, but he said he and Benoit were friends and that he would have appreciated the joke. He then went on to tell an ominous story, given the circumstances of Benoit's murder/suicide, about his friend from their time together in Japan.


h/t @TheSportsHernia

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