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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Seahawks Ban Californians From Buying NFC Championship Tickets

I hope everyone's ready for a full week of two insufferable fan bases shitting up comment sections everywhere.

The Seahawks will host the 49ers in Seattle next week, and the team has announced that only fans with credit card billing addresses in certain states and provinces will be able to buy tickets. It's the Pacific Northwest, largely, though Northern California is surely more proximate than, say Hawaii. But California contains 49ers fans, and 49ers fans travel well.


49ers fans will still be able to purchase seats on the secondary market (or get their friends in the allowed states to buy tickets for them). The Seahawks aren't the first team to restrict ticket sales geographically, and there's logic behind it: Why invite opposing fans to water down a real home-field advantage when the game's bound to sell out anyway? Still, consider this the opening salvo in what's sure to be a week of gamesmanship.


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