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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

In the box score, this play that gave the Seahawks some breathing room against the Giants is simply a 38-yard touchdown from Russell Wilson to Paul Richardson, but live, it’s a lot to unpack.


First of all, the sequence starts as a toss that quickly turns into a sideways flea flicker back to the QB, with Wilson then lofting the ball over 50 yards from way behind the line of scrimmage. After the throw, Richardson appears to come down with a catch, but so too, perhaps, does New York’s Landon Collins, and the two wrestle around in the end zone before officials eventually call the play a touchdown.

The decision stood on further review, with the refs invoking the simultaneous possession rule. Richardson caught the ball first, and couldn’t be proven to have ever lost possession. The whole play brings back some memories of traumatically bad officiating, when Seattle also benefitted off a battle for possession on the end zone ground, but this time, it seems like they got the call right.

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